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Name:Regulus Black (Marauder's Era)
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Younger/Marauders era (played during his school years, between ages of 15-17. Younger account for [personal profile] theheartofleo.

Name: Regulus Arcturus Black
Birthday: October 9, 1961
Family: Walburga Black (Mother), Orion Black (Father), Sirius Black (Older brother)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Pet/Familiar: Samson (Dark Gray, Part-Kneazle, penchant for sleeping on the book you're looking for)
Patronus Doesn't currently have one
Wand: 11" Ivy, Unicorn hair
Keywords: Constancy, Fidelity, Preserving from Decay, Stop in One's growth, binding, intoxication, tenacity, Loss of Free Will, Strong Influence of Fate, Mourning, Past, Unnoticeable Strength, Underworld, Persephone.

Description: This wand is very flexible and tenacious, Indicates owner's high potential in both arts and sciences, as well as his addiction to melancholia and depression. Very good for Charms and Divination, especially for creating underworld connections. In Transfiguration, can be used mainly for practices that preserve things from destruction. Not suitable for Direct battle magic. Possible use for Dark Arts is invoking Hallucinations that slowly bring person to death.
(Taken from Green Oak Wand Selector )

Introverted and quiet, Regulus is virtually his brother’s opposite. He strives to remain as calm, regal, and dignified as possible while keeping all outward displays of emotion to a minimal. This doesn’t mean he’s apathetic or uncaring but he’s worked hard to keep his temper under control at all times - as such, when it he does lose his temper, it can be compared to a volcano erupting.

The only people who seem to get to see any emotion from Regulus are people he trusts - friends and some members of his family. He’s extremely protective of these people and he would do anything for them, whether they know it or not. But despite that, Regulus is still too proud and insecure to show too much weakness, even in front of those he trusts.

He’s an intelligent and powerful wizard - Charms and Magical Creatures being his strengths - but most of his knowledge comes from the massive amounts of books he would read. He read all the books in the Black Library (the ones that weren’t cursed, at least) and usually has all of his course books read by the second week of School. Still, his insecurities get in his way if he encounters problems actually performing the magic he’s asked to do. A kind of panic settles over him and he finds himself unable to do the magic as well as he knows he should be able to. The more he messes up, the worse he gets.

His worse subjects are Transfiguration, Potions (he doesn’t have the patience required), and higher level DADA.

Family is the most important thing to him. He tries to be patient and more than a little self-sacrificing if it's for the good of the Family. The way he sees it, the Black Family is a ancient and noble one and it must be preserved and honored at all costs, even if it's his own personal happiness. He really does love all of his family and is willing to forgive them almost anything. As such, he'll deny any accusations that they may, in fact, be abusive in any way.

He doesn't like seeing his mother upset and will do everything he can to make her as happy as possible, even if he doesn't like it (though this could be out of a sense of self-preservation rather than just love) but he also doesn't like seeing Sirius upset either. He tries to make all of them happy but it's not possible with the family so completely divided.


Hogwarts: It's Reg's 5th year at Hogwarts and there are a lot of issues he's trying to deal with. O.W.Ls are coming up, Quidditch is brutal, and there's a nagging feeling of doubt and loathing in his chest that he tries his best to ignore (with moderate success).
He usually tries to stay out of the way of people and is not usually outwardly cruel to most people unless pushed. He is also the person you want to come to if you want something stronger than pumpkin juice or butterbeer.

Death Eater: Regulus has always believed that the Magical World should be protected at all costs – that magic was something special and valuable and the Magical World was far more fragile than most wizards wanted to believe. He wasn't a fool, however. The danger wasn't from Muggleborns polluting the already small gene pool, it wasn't even that they were bad a magic (he's seen plenty of evidence that they could be quite skilled), but the fact that they weren't raised in the Magical World. They brought with them their own muggle ideals and their own culture and tainted the Magical World with it.
But even so... Regulus hadn't thought the Death Eaters would be like this...

Regulus usually prefers other men though a few girls have slipped in before. (Mun personally likes to ship Reg with Barty Crouch Jr., Severus Snape, Remus Lupin and Sirius but likes to try different pairings as well.) He's really quite promiscuous actually...

disclaimer: I don't own HP, Regulus Black, and James McAvoy owns himself. Mun and (occasionally, though canon-breakingly) Muse are over 18.

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